DWI Penalties


 Criminal Penalties for DWI


A DWI/ DUI conviction in the state of New Mexico is a serious deal. Aside from the adverse effects such as insurance rate increases, drivers license revocation, ignition interlock requirements, vehicle seizure, etc., a defendant facing drunk driving charges in New Mexico should understand that jail time may be imposed upon conviction even if the DWI charge is 1st offense misdemeanor! In addition, a defendant convicted of drunk driving in New Mexico will have a record of this conviction for life.


Below please find typical New Mexico DWI charges listed by number of prior violations (i.e. second offense for drunk driving) and by degree of criminal charge (i.e. aggravated or non-aggravated). Click on the buttons to see the New Mexico criminal penalties if you are convicted of drunk driving in NM.

Charged with a New Mexico DWI? See what penalties you're facing if found guilty.





Agg. DWI-1st


Agg. DWI-2nd

DWI-3rd Offense

Agg. DWI-3rd

DWI-4th Offense +