Mandatory Sentence


Under §66-8-102(F)(2), the sentence for a third conviction for DWI must include the following, none of which can be suspended, deferred or taken under advisement:

  • 30 consecutive days of jail.
  • $750 fine.
  • Not less than 96 hours of community service.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse screening program approved by the Dept. of Finance & Administration §66-8-102(K).

  • Completion, within a time specified by the court, of one of the following court approved programs: (1) an inpatient, residential or in-custody substance abuse treatment program at least 28 days in duration; (2) an outpatient treatment program at least 90 days in duration; (3) a drug court program; or (4) any other substance abuse treatment program. §66-8-102(L).
  • An ignition interlock driver’s license must be obtained and an ignition interlock device must be installed and operating on all motor vehicles driven by the offender for three years. Unless the court determines the offender is indigent, the offender must pay all costs associated with having the ignition interlock device installed on the appropriate motor vehicles. §66-8-102(N).