One Leg Stand Test


During this test, the officer will tell the person taking the test to stand with feet together and arms down to their side while they listen to the test instructions. The officer will tell the driver to raise one leg six inches with their foot parallel to the ground. The person will then need to count “One thousand one, one thousand two” and so on while staring at his raised foot until the officer tells them to stop. The driver must stand on one leg for 30 seconds.



The officer is looking for four signs of impairment during the test:

  • swaying while balancing
  • using the arms to balance
  • hopping on 1 foot
  • putting the foot down 3 or more times during the test


Once the officer observes two or more signs he will decide the person is over the limit and arrest the person for DUI.As with the other tests – there are is an inherent error in concluding that failure in this test automatically means that a person has been drinking alcohol or using mind-altering drugs. For example, people with back or leg injuries, individuals with inner-ear disorders or other balance problems, people over 65, and those who are overweight all might find standing on one leg for 30 seconds difficult. Uneven ground or high-heeled shoes could also lead to a false-positive in this test.