Will I lose my New Mexico driver’s license for DUI?

Will I lose my New Mexico driver's license if I get convicted with DUI? This is my 2nd time to be caught. What should I do to avoid losing my license?

To avoid losing your driver's license or having it revoked by the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department: MVD, you or your attorney must submit a timely "Implied Consent Hearing Request" to the address listed on the form within 10 days of your arrest. These 10 days include the date of your arrest (or the date the “Notice of Revocation” was served and/or signed by you).


Along with the completed hearing request form you must enclose a personal or certified check for $25.00 made to the “New Mexico Tax & Rev Dept”. After making this timely request, the State MVD office will schedule a hearing date which must be within 90 days of your arrest. At the “Implied Consent Hearing” you or your attorney will have the opportunity to be heard. If your driver's license revocation is upheld then you will be required to install an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you drive and also obtain an “Ignition Interlock Drivers License”.  


6 month revocation = for 1st revocation under I.C.A. if .08 or higher, 21 years or older,

1 year revocation = if 2nd revocation

1 year revocation = if under 21 years old with .02 or higher.

1 year revocation = for anyone who refuses a chemical test.

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